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Go Deep!

While recently catching up with a fellow creative writer, I found myself giving her advice about how to write in a new genre than her previous work. Being an eclectic, I often genre-hop, trying out different writing interests and mediums. I shared with her that while penning my last novel, which had prison and investigative themes, I spent a lot of time reading detective novels and watching investigative or prison documentaries on TV. I encouraged her to connect with what she wanted to write. She responded, “I never thought of that, but that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to immerse myself.” Continue reading “Go Deep!”

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What Does He Really Want?

I’m in the midst of rewrites for my current project (a play), and I find myself debating over a critical question: What do my characters really want? Often, when creatively writing, we begin our stories with our main character on a journey we’ve plotted out, but somewhere in the writing process, things change. We learn new aspects to our characters that we didn’t know starting out, secrets are revealed, the storyline shifts in ways we didn’t plan. At some point, we’re forced to return to the basics of the story and figure out or re-figure out, what wants and needs are driving the story forward. Continue reading “What Does He Really Want?”

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Choosing the Right Medium

There is this story that I’ve been trying to tell since 2004. For some strange reason, I can’t seem to get it out of my head and onto paper. I’ve started writing it and then have deleted it so many times it’s ridiculous. At first, I thought the problem was simply a lack of commitment to writing itself, but even now after having published over two dozen works, seven of those works being full-length novels, I can no longer attribute my inability to write this story to a lack of dedication. But if it isn’t commitment, what is really going on? Continue reading “Choosing the Right Medium”

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How Many is Too Many?

The first novel I wrote contained a bunch of characters, six of them having a point of view. Being a novice, I had not yet learned that when it comes to the number of characters used in a story, especially point of views, less is often better. By my second novel, I had drastically reduced the number of overall characters and limited my point of view to one. Throughout the years, the number of characters in my work has varied, but I always try to stick with the simplest number of characters needed to tell the story well.

Does the number of characters used in a story really matter? Continue reading “How Many is Too Many?”

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Surprise Yourself!

I was working on writing a play and I pretty much had the ending figured out, but something was bothering me. My playwriting teacher suggested that we write down three things: a tragic ending, a Hollywood/Disney ending, and the true ending. In considering these three endings, I realized that my play’s ending was too close to the perfect ending. I write inspirational material for the most part, so yes, I probably won’t ever write a Romeo and Juliet kind of story, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be all warm and fuzzy either. So instead of just going with what I was planning, my story took an unexpected twist. I surprised myself. Continue reading “Surprise Yourself!”